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why exhibit with us?

As suppliers ourselves with a combined experience of 35 years in the wedding industry, we understand the needs of our exhibitors.

We have at least 30 exhibitors at each fayre, and our "BIG" one at The Vale Resort, 90. This makes it the largest event in South Wales, and it happens twice a year.


 We have 3 targets to meet at each of our fayres; We spend the time and invest the money to ensure all these targets are met.

1) That we source the very best suppliers with a proven track record of excellence so that our visitors are inspired and have the confidence to book you for their weddings. For the benefit of choice, our fayres have a well balanced variety of services, and we never over subscribe any category. This gives our visitors everything they need from trusted suppliers.

2) Extensive marketing to raise the profile of each event in order to maximise footfall.  We want our exhibitors to get a good return on investment. Bringing in the couples is where we start, but we also give away £1000 at each fayre. We give you free entry forms to give out to anyone that books you on the day, therefore encouraging bookings.

3) Our venues also need to benefit from having couples that are looking for their wedding venues. We work in partnership with each venue, and wherever space allows, we invite our stylists and florists to decorate key areas to show off the venue. With their knowledge of the venue, our suppliers are encouraged to use this to recommend.

By setting ourselves these goals we ensure....

  * Our visitors get an enjoyable and productive experience at our fayres.

  * Our exhibitors get the best opportunities to fill their diaries

  * Our Venues secure new bookings

You do not need to be a member of The Wedding Guild of Wales to exhibit with us. Guild members get priority booking, but we sometimes have space for reputable guest exhibitors. If you are in your 3rd year of trading, please contact us and we can discuss what we need should we have availability in your category.

30 Minutes before the start of each fayre, we encourage a little networking. Teas/coffees, cakes, pastries and cookies are provided for you. This is a great opportunity to get to know fellow suppliers.

We also have a very experienced sales professional should you need some tips on how to interact with couples on the day. We understand that although a supplier may have an excellent product or service, they are sometimes apprehensive when it comes to approaching people or any part of the sales process. We are happy to help!

We also strongly believe in fairness for all. You will never find anyone in our fayres that has paid less than you. We never have last minute sale stands, and dont drop prices at all. We count our blessings that we have no need to resort to this practice, as our fayres are usually sold out in advance. If we do get cancellation spaces, the price is the same.

Come and grow your business with us - be seen at some of the most fabulous wedding venues, build relationships, and have a great time!





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