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Join our wonderful team at
The Wedding Guild of Wales!

Become a Member of

The Wedding Guild of Wales

Do you have an established and reputable wedding business?
Membership is free here, we ask for no money,(no free basic listings then an offer to upgrade, all listings are free and equal)  just a proven reliable service, with a great reputation for excellence.

To become a member of our wonderful Guild, you need to meet a criteria, part of which is;

  • Your business has been established for at least 3 years

  • You know at least 3 of our current members well enough that they are happy to recommend you (these need to have been members themselves for at least 12 months, and you must have worked on several weddings together.

  • You have past couples who are happy to recommend you

  • You have an up to date website.

  • Your business has Public Liability Insurance

  • Your business is registered with HMRC

  • You can work as part of a team - we understand that as individual businesses in this industry, you work for yourself, but here, we work as a team to support each other and be united in our mission to make every wedding excel.

  • You are happy to link back to us and participate in social media sharing when required.

Understanding that our Guild was founded first and foremost help couples plan their wedding as safely as possible is a must. We welcome all applications from people as committed to this statement as we are. 

We are not an "exclusive club". We welcome all applicants, and providing the criteria is met, you're either in or on the waiting list for an available space.  Our members are free to stick with recommending those they always have, there are no expectations or restrictions placed on who we love!

So, if you feel The Wedding Guild of Wales is for you, please email us for an application form and joining details.

All applications are held in the strictest of confidence!
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