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My Wonderful Welsh Wedding Showcases. Feel The Difference!

Whether you are a couple planning a wedding or a supplier looking for an effective route to market, My Wonderful Welsh Wedding Showcases are different from the wedding fayres you will visit.

Planning a wedding

This should be a pleasant experience that brings you together as a couple and perhaps a family. But with everything you need and lots of what you want to arrange and pay for, it can also be a daunting, even stressful experience! With planning taking place between 12 to 24 months in advance, you need suppliers that are going to be flexible, reliable and very importantly STILL IN BUSINESS! Leaving deposits so far in advance, you need to be able to put as much trust as possible in your supplier.

And this is where the big difference comes in!

Our showcases are predominantly for the 80+ members of the Wedding Guild of Wales, all of which have had to EARN their place on the team, NOT PAID for it, through meeting a very strict criteria. We sometimes also accept guest exhibitors and these are carefully selected though our knowledge of their service and other criteria they too need to meet just to exhibit.

The Guild itself is a non profit making gathering of like minded individuals; another reason we are different when it comes to selecting suppliers to show off their businesses to you is that we cover our costs of putting on the show, we are not in it to make a huge profit. Your traditional Event Organisers run their fayres as an income based business, so usually anyone can exhibit with them without going through the checks that we make. Some are more selective than others. But with My Wonderful Welsh Wedding Showcases, YOU can rest assured that everyone with a stand has met a criteria.

Exhibiting With Us

Over the years we have seen the wedding industry change dramatically; where once there were only a few fayres a year during winter/early spring and autumn months now there are a few every week! This has watered down footfall and as suppliers we really don't know which way to turn. Because of our statement (encapsulated above) couples are beginning to appreciate the difference in our showcases and footfall is not just good, but because we work in partnership with our co-hosting venues, we get that mix of couples at various stages of planning their wedding. Great for us and great for our venues!

Our events are well advertised and most of the money we charge for a stand goes into marketing the event and our prize draws. There is at least £1000 to be won at every event. This is a whole £1000 taken from the funds that exhibitors pay us. We sometimes offer other prizes where a couple can win a wedding dress etc and we pay the supplier offering the prize - so we are heavily invested in getting couples though the door.

Nature of any industry to be copied, but the one thing we have that will always be unique, and we feel makes the biggest difference to how we approach running our showcases is that they are facilitated BY SUPPLIERS FOR SUPPLIERS!

As suppliers still in business

We know what we expect from investing our hard earned money and we do our utmost best to ensure we deliver quality and profitable showcases for your investment.

We even have an experienced and proven sales professional to help share tips and ideas on how to make the most of your time at our showcases if needed as well as dozens of members who would be only to happy to help (we know that just because you have a great business and are fabulous at your craft, selling is a different beast altogether, and we are happy to help).

To conclude, we are all in direct sales, so we know what matters to our customers, which are our couples. We know the end game, not just selling business to business. There are our points of difference.

We will be inviting a number of businesses to join us for The Vale Resort Wedding Showcase in September!

Watch this space.

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