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Team Guild to the rescue!

As well as a fantastic place to start planning your wedding, we have always said we are here for any couple that have been let down by unreliable suppliers. The emergency service for weddings!

Unfortunately, although social media is a great tool which many of us would be lost without, it is also home to people who can start up and advertise their businesses free of charge without any investment in their business other than a bit of time.

Many of these businesses have no business models other than to undercut professionals who have spent time and money investing in their business. Needless to say many of them end up letting couples down last minute, which can be heartbreaking and stressful.

The Wedding Guild of Wales now has over 80 members; they cover everything from photography to ice cream carts. We do our best to help those couples that have been let down, and if the members in the specific category are booked, we will find someone for you. We have a huge resource available through friends and fellow suppliers that are not in our Guild too!

But last week we had a call from one of our showcase venues that had been let down for their forthcoming showcase on 17th Feb. Could we step in 3 weeks before to save the day: YES we could!

Our team really came together so that couples who had pre booked tickets still had an event to attend. We have 33 suppliers signed up so far and will put on a great and welcoming showcase for you couples planning a wedding.

So, come and see us at St Davids Hotel & Spa on 17th Feb between 11am and 3pm. No charge for admission, and you could even win a fabulous prize draw on the day, getting £500 to spend on any supplier exhibiting*

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